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NPL - West finals
Grand finals EG vs Rox.Kis
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We need you
Netolic is now seeking talented people like you!
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NPL5 - East Finals!
Grand finals iG vs LGD
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NAL - S2
Netolic Amateur League - Season 2 will start on 29-03-2014
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More Events!
Win free tournament tickets by playing free games!
Win free tournament tickets by playing free games!
Tournament Tickets
We need you!
written by admin - 21.03.2014
We are looking for ambitious and enthusiastic new team members in various areas of expertise to help us further grow in E-Sports. If you have a passion for Dot...
NPL5 - East Playoffs ( Team CNB disbanded )
written by admin - 06.03.2014
Team [flag]cn[/flag]CNB disbanded after their performance at Sina cup yesterday which left their spot empty [COLOR=#4169E1]Semifinals[/COLOR] [flag]my[/flag]T...
Netolic Amateur League Season 1 - final week!
written by admin - 03.03.2014
After 3 weeks with more than 200 teams who participated we got to our final 8 This teams got this far due their persistence and team work and will show everyon...
More Events!
written by admin - 26.02.2014
More Events! Thanks to our sponsors we are able to provide more free prizes and this time we will be giving away some tournament tickets this weekend. All yo...
- NPL5 - East Main Event
Type: 5on5 Double Elimination
Start: 23/02/2014
Entered: 8/8
Timezone: Asia/Hong_Kong
Status: Started Details

- NPL5 - West Main Event
Type: 5on5 Double Elimination
Start: 10/02/2014
Entered: 8/8
Timezone: Europe/London
Status: Started Details

Netolic Hearthstone Season 1
Type: 1on1 Single Elimination
Start: 22/02/2014
Entered: 0/32
Timezone: Europe/London
Status: Started Details

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